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Suburban Hockey School Mission

­­­­The Mission of Suburban Hockey Schools is to provide an instructional experience that allows a student to improve their skills, knowledge of the game, and overall self-confidence as it relates to the game through a "positive" learning experience.

We accomplish our Mission by focusing our efforts on providing the following:

  • An experienced, trained and dedicated staff of instructors who take an active interest in the development of their students
  • Individualized instruction, which pinpoints student's strengths and weaknesses and challenges them to their competitive level
  • Innovative drills and teaching techniques that offer students the very latest training methods used today
  • A progressive curriculum that focuses on the primary fundamental skill groups that are so vital to the ongoing development of all players, including the skating skills, puck skills, passing skills and shooting skills
  • A disciplined, yet fun learning environment that permits players the freedom to experiment with their talents and encourages students to push themselves beyond their current skill capacity

Our Philosophy is really quite simple.

The game of hockey should be fun for everyone who plays it. By continually learning and developing the fundamental skills and knowledge of the game, each player will gain the confidence and self-esteem to be able to compete and enjoy the game at every competitive level.