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Sidney Crosby on the Importance of Skating

After nearly 20 years in the NHL, Sidney Crosby still works on his skating. Why? Read this article from Pittsburgh Hockey Now and find out!

“Some things come a little easier than others, and you have to focus on skating. It’s become such a skating game. It’s north-south. There’s not a lot of pulling up and making plays. Sometimes you’re not even thinking a whole lot – it’s north-south. Right through everyone’s lineup, it’s all speed. It’s just a point of emphasis.”

"Growing up, Crosby annually went to a power skating summer camp in Charlottetown, PEI. He dove into the drills, some of them pretty challenging, to develop the best skating technique possible."

Just like Crosby, you can also attend a power skating summer camp by signing up for our Summer Hockey Schools! Visit the Summer Hockey Schools page to pick your rink and register!

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